The Pests You Need To Be Aware Of Aphids

The Pest Control AZ problems come in a wide variety and you need to be aware of the different critters that could be in your home Remember that beautiful garden you planted in your backyard years ago Did you have day dreams about growing luscious fruits and vegetables to eat on a regular basis without all the additives from the food company That dream of yours may have been crushed by our first pest – Aphids

Aphids are notorious for ruining our grand fruit and vegetable garden dreams in a nasty way. Aphids love to eat the plant sap left over on the leaves and stems of our plants. This process alone causes the plants to wilt and lose their vibrance in a relatively small amount of time. But it doesn’t stop there, the Aphid will then excrete the waste onto the plant which causes a buildup of mold and bacteria on the surface. This surface creates a breeding ground for other problems that eventually kill your plant. What a party pooper.

Pest Control AZ These little guys can pack quite a punch despite their size. Pest Control AZ specialist know that this pest causes more damage than most people are aware of. Mice weigh anywhere from 12 to 30 grams with a length of roughly 20 centimeters. You’ll know if you have mice in your residence when you notice thin, stick shaped droppings in corners or in closets.

The dangerous part about this intruder is the diseases that they may carry into your home. The range of disease this furry pest carries includes Lyme Disease, Rat-Bite Fever, Salmonella, Plague, Pox and many more. Speaking of plague, mice were largely responsible for spreading the Bubonic Plague throughout the Roman Empire and killed upwards of 50 million people. This disease isn’t the killer that it used to be but it shows the importance of eliminating mice from your home


This is a pest that all Arizona residence can relate to A scary fact about termites is that, statistically speaking, for every 1 human there are 1,000 pounds of termites These bugs love soft textured wood and are commonly found eating away at spring wood, branches and fence posts. The bad news is that most Termite damage isn’t visible until its almost too late for repair.

Time is of the essence when contacting a professional about your issue. Colonies of Termites can easily eat through pounds of wood in a single 24 hour period. Be on the look out for Swarmers in the warmer months. These flying termites establish new colonies in which to feed.

Termite tubing is another culprit that you have an infestation. They create small tunnels in moist environments in which to travel. This gives them access and free range over your home with increased mobility. Remove a small piece of the tubing and come back in a few days. If the area is repaired that means they’re still there.